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The risks and hazards of IPL hair removal technologies used at home

For the “at-home” consumer market, numerous new IPL hair removal equipment have recently been introduced. Although many consumers have viewed this as a benefit, they do not come without associated hazards and dangers. This article will try to list some key things to think about before buying a “at home” IPL hair removal device.

It becomes quite challenging to assess your own appropriateness for hair removal treatments, especially with an IPL device, with at-home IPL hair removal equipment unless you are a certified dermal or laser therapist. If you treat an area that is not suited (dark in skin tone, at the proper stage of hair development, exposed to sunlight, or if you are pregnant), you run the risk of suffering from serious burns and hyperpigmentation.

Safety is our top concern at Victorian Cosmetic Dermal Clinics. 
We are skilled in identifying skin type and laser hair removal compatibility in controlled setting like our clinics located throughout Melbourne. 
Our therapists can treat at the highest but safest intensities for the best hair removal results thanks to this talent and their more than ten years of laser hair removal experience.

adjusting the device


The gradual loss and variance in energy that occurs with any hair removal technology, including IPL and Lasers, is caused by the deterioration of the components inside the devices. 
For this reason, these gadgets require routine calibration and inspection, much like an automobile doesmake sure they are supplying the right amount of energy. Unfortunately, a lot of at-home IPL machines don’t provide this kind of service or any form of guarantee or maintenance service. If you buy one of these devices and it breaks down or hasn’t been calibrated in a while, you run the chance of being stuck with a bad investment that you can’t use or, worse still, a dangerous item that can lead to burns, hyperpigmentation, and scarring.


The majority of IPL equipment for home use are unable to generate enough heat to permanently damage the hair follicle. The inferior heat applied to the hair by these home devices does short-term damage, but over time, what we observe is that what was once thick, dark, and course hair (which is ideal for treatments with a targeted laser, for example, for maximum results) is now finer and discolored hair that responds to hair removal treatment much less readily.
Additionally, there are numerous at-home IPL systems that advertise their ability to cure a range of different hair colors. This is due to the energy being provided by the gadget being “wide” rather than targeted or specialized. This indicates that some heat and energy are being spread across numerous spheres. While this might seem fantastic on paper, in practice extra hair responds best to targeted heat that kills the hair follicle’s root. This requires very concentrated and focused energy coming from the gadget in order to be accomplished (70 degrees to destroy hair permanently).

It takes time.

Unfortunately, in terms of effectiveness and speed, IPL devices have not been able to keep up with the developments in laser technology (otherwise known as repetition rate). You’ll discover that executing an at-home IPL treatment yourself will actually take longer and be less convenient for you when compared to visiting a laser center. IPL equipment used in homes can pulse as frequently as once every 4-6 seconds. Imagine how many pulses it would take to treat a broad area, like the back and shoulders or the entire leg. That is a lifetime. For instance, using our tools, they can pulse at a rate of up to 2 times

Convenience & Coverage

The inability to treat yourself on difficult-to-reach places is perhaps the most basic and frequently ignored element to take into account when choosing an at-home IPL device. These locations can include the back and neck in men, for instance. These difficult-to-treat areas in women can include the lower back, brazilian, and the backs of the legs. We advise going to a reputable laser & skin clinic like Victorian Cosmetic Dermal Clinics to prevent missed patches and uneven coverage. Ask yourself if using an at-home IPL device is truly worth the danger, given that there are two convenient locations throughout Melbourne.
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