What to do after laser hair removal

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With laser hair removal (whether at a clinic or using an IPL hair removal handset at home), it’s important to care for

your skin following each treatment to guarantee the greatest outcomes. It is crucial to make sure your skin is prepared between sessions because a typical laser hair removal session can last up to 3–12 weeks. Additionally, when the light energy from your IPL magically zaps the hair away, a good aftercare plan can aid in reducing the risk of skin injury and discomfort.

Here are some suggestions for what to do (and what not to do) following and in between laser hair removal procedures.

Avoid direct sunlight

The first rule when it comes to post laser hair removal aftercare is to avoid direct sunlight. After undergoing laser hair removal or using an IPL device, Most of the time, our skin is at its most delicate. Direct sunlight exposure can raise the risk of skin irritation, damage, and occasionally even skin cancer. Make sure your treated region is completely covered when going outside between hair removal sessions. In order to allow your skin to breathe, we also advise wearing loose-fitting clothing, such as a breezy top or maxi skirt.

Wear sunscreen daily

Make sure you apply an SPF every day to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. As we mentioned earlier, direct sunlight can irritate the skin after an IPL or laser hair removal treatment.

Whether you spend time inside or outside (remember that sun rays can still reflect through windows), wearing a protective sunscreen can assist you from suffering serious harm. For your skin’s complete protection, apply sunblock with an SPF of 30 or higher to the portions of your body that have had treatment. Use an SPF 50, though, if you’ve had sections of your face treated because the skin there is more likely to be sensitive.

Do not wax or tweeze growing hair

You may probably notice hair growing back in your treated regions if your laser hair removal treatment is still in its early stages. It is essential not to employ any hair removal techniques that require ripping out the hair follicles, such as waxing, plucking, or any other. The light radiation is actively working to target hair cells when utilizing an IPL device. Pulling hair follicles can irritate skin and interfere with the body’s natural elimination mechanism. Shaving, though, is totally acceptable. In fact, shaving your target area shortly before your IPL session is ideal practice.

What to do after laser hair removal

Use an Aloe-based moisturizer every day

It’s crucial to keep your skin moisturized during the laser hair removal process, particularly since your skin could feel dry after each session. Make sure to choose a moisturizer for your laser hair aftercare that doesn’t contain any alcohol or smell. In fact, the better, the more naturally sourced. Anything containing aloe vera is a great place to start because the substance is moisturizing and has calming characteristics that can aid in the healing of dry, damaged skin.

Gently exfoliate your treated area

Using a moderate exfoliant between sessions is another excellent approach to prepare the skin. Even while utilizing an IPL device is a great technique to stop ingrown hairs in the future, you may still encounter bothersome stubs in the beginning phases of therapy. Even if the skin is still delicate in between treatments, it is quite safe to use a gentle exfoliant. Wait two to three days after a session before using an exfoliant, and stay away from anything with alcohol and scents. 1-2 times a week, exfoliate the areas of your body that have been treated.

What to do after laser hair removal

Use a cold compression to prevent feelings of discomfort

Have a cold compression ready right after a session. After a laser hair removal session, applying a compress might help numb the discomfort and reduce any feelings of irritability. A cold compress can help your skin cool down after a session even if using an IPL device typically doesn’t cause any noticeable discomfort. You can substitute a bag of ice (or a packet of frozen food) if you don’t have a cold compress.

Take pain killers if needed

It is typical to feel uncomfortable a few days after receiving laser hair removal treatment. Take an over-the-counter pain reliever (like Ibuprofen) to aid with the grating sensation if it continues. Once more, you’re less likely to have any pain following a session with IPL equipment. But if you do experience any discomfort in your target area, be sure to take a pain reliever if it doesn’t go away quickly.

Use a healing ointment on broken skin

There is a potential for skin sensitivity following a laser hair removal procedure. Although it’s generally unlikely, skin burns, skin breaks, and blisters can happen. However, keep calm. In the extremely unlikely event that you do notice a blister or other indications of skin damage, avoid prodding or rubbing the area. Instead, until the skin heals, treat the area with a fragrance-free healing ointment. Please consult a dermatologist or physician if the irritation persists after one week.

Our IPL handset was designed to not only effectively remove hair follicles from your target areas, but to also eliminate the chances of serious discomfort during and after use. That being said, we still want to make sure you make the most out of your Nohairzone IPL handset during and after each session.

We do provide a 30-day money return guarantee for all products in the event that the IPL handset is not the best choice for you, for whatever reason. Click here to read more about our return policy.

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