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NohairZone  990000 Flashes Laser Hair Removal IPL photon depilator For Women

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NohairZone  990000 Flashes Laser Hair Removal IPL photon depilator For Women | Household Mini Electric Depilador


IPL photon depilator For Women Features: 1. LCD display screen shows the working parameters in details, including the current temperature, pulse width, pulse frequency, and energy density. 2. The power output can be adjusted from 0 to 40 J/cm2 by turning the knob to choose the desired energy density level. 3. Automatic shutdown function saves battery power when used for long time.

IPL Electric Lazer is a permanent hair removal machine that removes hair from the root, preventing re-growth. Hair grows in cycles, which means that it takes time for each individual hair to grow back. IPL works by targeting the melanin in your hair follicles, which is responsible for giving the hair its color. When IPL hits your follicles, it heats them up and destroys them so that they can no longer produce new hair. The light emitted by this device is safe and effective on all skin types, including sensitive ones like yours. Unlike other products that may be painful to use (or even ineffective), IPL Electric Lazer delivers results without any discomfort or downtime—all you need is a little bit of patience and a willingness to stick with the process until your unwanted hairs are gone for good! Yeezy crocs slides or the flip flop summer  slides? which do you like?For pet lovers, you can buy 2 Sided Dematting Dog Comb & anxiety calming dog beg here

  • Brand Name: NohairZone
  • Power Type: Electric
  • Use: Bikini,Body,Underarm
  • Material: plastic
  • Item Type: Epilator
  • Certification: CE
  • Size: 130*65*30mm
  • Product name: IPL Laser Epilator
  • Flash method: Automatic
  • Number of flashes: 990,000 times
  • Flash area: 4.3 cm²
  • Unit energy: 3.5 J/cm²
  • Wavelength range: 475-1200 nm
  • Laser gears: 5 gears
  • Power input: DC, 12V/3A
  • Power: 36W

999999 Flashes IPL Ice Laser Epilator Permanent Painless Epilator Home


999999 Flashes IPL Ice Laser Epilator Permanent Painless Epilator Home

Nohairzone IPL photon cold compress hair removal device has stronger energy and faster effect.

The Nohairzone IPL photon hair removal method penetrates the epidermis and targets just the melanin-rich, easily-absorbable hair follicles that contain melanin. Long-term exposure to light will kill the hair follicles. Due to photon therapy, it is comparatively safe, causes no discomfort or skin damage, and has no negative effects on your job or personal life. The principle behind photon technology, which is currently in widespread usage, is photon selectivity. According to the photothermal effect theory, while the hair is at rest, it is relatively insensitive to light and won’t harm the hair roots since the hair follicles are rich of pigment and can absorb light readily. The majority of hair follicles are in a resting phase, and following a period of use, permanent hair removal is completed.


Nohairzone cooling technology 3 seconds fast cooling, will never burn your skin!

Recommended reason: The light-emitting head is quickly cooled, which can effectively reduce the long-term hair removal that makes the light-emitting port hot and burns the skin. Make use more comfortable.


AmazeFan LCD display, easy to operate!

Recommended reason: One-click light, easy to use.


Nohairzone presents a small light outlet

Recommended reason: This thing is magnetically adsorbed and can be adsorbed on the outlet to make the light more concentrated. It is suitable for small parts, such as the lips and other parts that need partial hair removal.

ipl handset

AmazeFan only needs 10 minutes to complete body hair removal

Using the automatic light-emitting function, you can complete the hair removal of all parts of the body in 10 minutes. After 8 weeks, no more hair will grow, effectively achieving permanent hair removal.

ipl handset

nohairzone material is safer and can be used even in private parts

Use a safer light-emitting method with higher energy and better effect, and will not burn and burn delicate skin.

ipl handset

Come On ! witness the effect!

ipl handset
ipl handset


Product name: IPL Hair Remover
Flash method: Automatic
Flash area: 4.3 c㎡
Unit energy: 3.5J/c㎡
Power: 36W
Input: DC 12V/3A

*Before purchasing this device, please confirm whether the socket you are using matches the plug of the device, or you already have an adapter that can fit the plug of the product.
* The device emits strong light when it is working, so please wear sunglasses before using the device. No one can look directly at the light-emitting parts without wearing sunglasses. It will bring the most serious consequences and blindness.
*In order to protect your health, please read the instructions before use, or consult the customer service staff how to use. And please do not use the device without knowing how to use it.
*After using the device, there will be some burning sensation on the skin, which is normal. Try to wipe some skin cream at the end of use as much as possible to help reduce the burning sensation and repair the skin. If you have any questions about the use of the product, please consult a customer service worker immediately.
*The luminous energy of this product will inhibit the growth of hair follicles and damage the hair follicle tissue, which is normal. Therefore, when engaging in outdoor activities after using this product, please take sun protection measures and do not expose it to intense sunlight for a long time.
Thank you for reading it patiently.

Packing list
1 * IPL Laser Epilator
1 * DC power supply
1 * Sunglass
1 * User manual

ipl handsetipl handsetipl handsetipl handsetipl handset
ipl handsetipl handsetipl handsetipl handset


Q1: Why should the lamp cap press the skin tightly when in use?
A1: The depilation effect is related to the amount of energy. The flat head is close to the skin, which can make hair follicles lodge and be closer to the area of high-energy light source, thus increasing the depilation effect by 30%~40%.

Q2: Is the effect the same as that of a beauty salon? Can you cut off hair?
A2: The effect is the same. This product is a portable hair removal instrument that truly uses the freezing point hair removal instrument of beauty salons for household use. It destroys melanin and hair follicles with high energy, thus inhibiting hair regrowth. After 6 times of use, hair can obviously become less and thinner, and long-term use can achieve lasting hairless effect.

Q3: Which groups/parts cannot be used?
A3: It is not recommended for individuals with the following circumstances:
1. Pregnant or breastfeeding.
2. Skin is allergic to light or suffers from other skin diseases.
3. Tattoos, pockmarks, moles, freckles and other areas with uneven skin color.
4. The hairline belongs to the hair and is not recommended.

Q4: Do I have to shave before depilation?
A4: It is recommended to shave first. Especially for the thick hair parts, shave the hair on the skin surface and then use the depilator,which can ensure that the pulsed light can effectively act on the hair follicles. If the skin is dry and itchy after shaving, spray toner to moisten it. Only after it is completely absorbed can the depilator be used.
Note: No dry scraping! Because the scraper is sharp, shaving must be carried out in combination with soap foam.

Q5: What kind of nursing work do you need to do after depilation?
A5: Avoid touching water within 6 hours. If you feel hot and dry skin, apply aloe vera gel appropriately to relieve it. Avoid exposure to the sun within 24 hours and do a good job of normal sun protection.



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