Side Effects of IPL Hair Removal You Should Be Aware Of

Does at-home IPL hair removal have any negative effects? Does laser hair removal at home result in cancer?

These are the questions that people frequently ask. We completely understand your concern, especially if IPL hair removal is being done privately at home rather than by a professional at a salon. IPL hair removal may be a novel notion for many people. check biomass

Before we explain this matter, we want to make it clear that the technology utilized in the  IPL hair removal handset and the Salon grade is the same; the intensity levels are merely different. Our device is extremely safe to use and provides no dangers to the user when used as directed. It is approved for safe use by the FCC, CE, and RoHs.

IPL hair removal: Does it cause cancer?

IPL or C-IPL is not one of the numerous known cancer-causing foods, chemicals, or behaviors in our daily lives. IPL has not been linked to any cases of skin cancer in humans, according to scientific studies.

Allow us to allay some of your worries and give you a better understanding of how the IPL hair removal technology operates.

Understanding Side Effects of IPL Hair Removal Treatment

After its predecessors, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) was created in the early 1990s (There were different types of clinical lasers invented from the 60s to 80s). And since then, IPL has improved!

The safe range of visible light includes intense pulsed light. Additionally, IPL is frequently used in clinics to treat a variety of skin conditions, including broken blood vessels, dark spots, small wrinkles, freckles, rosacea-related redness, scars, and spider veins.

The home use IPL hair removal device’s ability to avoid emitting dangerous UV rays could make a significant difference, as some still do and many sellers are unaware of this.Our handset also ensures that all UV wavelengths are filtered by blocking wavelengths below 550 nm from the IPL spectrum. This is done to prevent the light doing damage to the outer layer of the skin, this means your handset will never cause long-term complications caused by UV exposure such as skin cancer, skin aging etc.

Even if you use an IPL permanent hair removal device that doesn’t produce damaging UV rays, there are still some frequent side effects that are usually mild and temporary.

Because IPL or C-IPL are not suitable for everyone, exercising caution and arming yourself with information of the Dos and Don’ts will help you avoid experiencing negative side effects or harm. Find out what to expect when you start your IPL hair removal treatments by reading the information below.

Typical Side Effects of IPL Hair Removal Treatment
When utilizing an IPL for permanent hair removal,

what is normal?
minimal tingling
Warmth that comes in gentle pulses and leaves soon
Some people called the sensation of a rubber band cracking against their skin a “electric shock.” Unless: You won’t likely experience this at level 1 or level 2,
1) You’ve used skincare products with harsh ingredients in the past.
2) There is a lot of melanin in your skin tone (This may indicate that the technology is not suitable for your skin tone). Please see the skin tone chart below.
some odor of burned hair
After having the IPL flash, some hair (if you didn’t have a clean shave) will curl up.

What follows IPL hair removal procedures is normal?
By gently pressing the follicles, some hair can come loose.
a small amount of skin redness that vanishes in a few hours to a few days
Depending on the level settings, what you do before and after the treatment, and the level of warmth and “very small pain,” you may get a “very mild sunburn.” (Avoid using harsh chemicals or acidic skincare products the day before receiving IPL or any other laser therapy.)
The skin of some persons will be more photosensitive. Apply sunscreen and try to avoid being in the sun.

We Want To Prevent Serious IPL Hair Removal Side Effects

The following side effects are occasionally experienced following IPL or laser hair removal at a salon; however, they are less frequent following C-IPL or IPL use at home.

pain, agony, or tenderness that is intolerable
Red skin that could persist for a while
Skin that is swollen, bruised, blistered, or inflamed
your skin either becoming lighter or darker
heat burns caused by the IPL or laser.
Bacterial Infections That Leave Scars

We hope this article provides enough insight for you about the possible side effects as well as what are normal and what are not when undergoing an IPL hair removal treatment.

We work hard in bringing the best type of home use IPL to reduce the discomfort and possible side effects by taking out the harmful UV from the IPL. We have also recently introduced the new cooling feature in shop to make every flash count during your hair removal treatments.

Feel free to reach out to us on facebook if you have any questions regarding permanent hair removal!


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