This or That? IPL Laser Hair Removal vs. Shaving

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This or That? IPL Laser Hair Removal vs. Shaving

Should I shave or not? Thankfully, isn’t your sole choice for quick body hair removal.

The preferred at-home technique for effective (and painless) hair removal has been shaving. However, thanks to advancements in cosmetic technology, there are newer and more inventive techniques to remove hair that are just as effective IPL hair removal device. But sometimes, choosing a hair removal method is a personal choice, so we’ve decided to put the two to the test to help you decide which tool will work best for you.

For long-lasting results: IPL 

If you’ve shaved for the most of your life, you are aware that hair can regrow in a few days. The effects of IPL’s long-lasting hair removal make it a good choice for most people. After utilizing a device for 12 weeks, customers can typically enjoy practically permanent hair removal. Touch-ups every few months are usual, but how often should you shave? Yes, IPL will get this one from us.

For exfoliating: Shaving 

A fantastic approach to exfoliate the skin is to shave. Shaving can help eliminate dead skin cells and undesirable hair, even if it might not be as effective as using a scrub. To create a nice and smooth canvas for your IPL treatments, we advise shaving just before each one. Shaving is the winner.

For people suffering from excess hair growth: IPL

All bodies are naturally gorgeous, but we are aware that some people may feel insecure and find it difficult to maintain extra hair growth. In actuality, it’s a typical sign in females with PCOS and other hormonal disorders. Even if daily shaving might be a workable solution for controlling excessive hair growth, it’s not always the most convenient. For a less complicated and hassle-free hair removal? IPL will get this one from us.

For painless hair removal: Both 

Because waxing is painful, there is a reason why shaving is preferable. IPL devices, however, also provide a virtually painless alternative to conventional in-clinic laser hair removal. In reality, the majority of at-home IPL devices will provide a variety of settings to accommodate patients with varying levels of pain tolerance. Choosing a painless hair removal method? This will result in a tie.

For an environmentally friendly option: IPL 

With talks about eco-friendly beauty practices, one of the biggest conversations is the environmental impact of disposable razors. According to Ecowatch,Over 2 billion non-recyclable disposable razors have been discarded and dumped in landfills just in America for the past 30 years. Having an IPL device is fantastic because it is a one-time, long-lasting purchase, making it a more ecologically friendly option. As a result, we award IPL with the Green Prize.

No matter which hair removal option you decide to go for, our goal as a company is to make your beauty routine simple. To learn more about our hair removal products, including our bestselling IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset  and our 4D Shaver, check out our product page below.


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