Here’s What You Need to Know Before Trying Laser Hair Removal at Home

What does an at-home laser hair removal before and after look like — and does it really work?Someone using an at-home laser hair removal device on her leg

Confession: During the winter, or really any time of year, I’ll take any opportunity to postpone shaving my legs. I abhor it! You can only imagine how thrilled I was to receive the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X (Buy It, $449,, a portable device that claims to permanently remove hair and performs just as well as an in-office procedure. (FTR, there is no requirement that you remove your pubic hair, armpit hair, or body hair; it is entirely up to you.)

Here’s the general idea if you’re not even sure how laser hair removal functions: Lasers target hair with pulsed light, which turns into heat and destroys the hair follicle’s dark pigment. The goal of any at-home laser hair removal therapy or device is to repeatedly zap the same pigment until it is sufficiently damaged to stop further growth.

So what can you anticipate from DIY projects? Does laser hair removal at home actually work? I can only speak from personal experience, but I’ve discovered a few things you should be aware of before trying any at-home laser hair removal method.

Tips for Effective Home Laser Hair Removal
Want to try at-home laser hair removal but aren’t sure what you’re getting into or if it’s the best course of action for you? Before you purchase an at-home gadget, you should be aware of the following.

Prepare to spend today while saving tomorrow.

The majority of at-home laser hair removal devices cost around $400, but in-office laser hair removal treatments can run up to $150 each appointment, and most people require five to eight sessions to see full benefits. Waxing once a month as advised can cost up to $500 per year, while the price of shaving cream and razors can mount up to thousands of dollars over time. TL;DR: You’ll spend more up-front with an at-home laser hair removal kit, but less total cash over time.

Realize that not everyone will experience success with at-home laser hair removal.
Important warning: If you have dark hair and light or medium skin, you should not use an at-home laser hair removal device. The pulsed light won’t be able to discriminate between your skin and hair if your complexion is even slightly darker than a medium tone, which could result in discoloration. Contrarily, lasers are unable to distinguish between gray or blonde hair.
You must exercise patience.
Simply said, it takes time to see a difference following at-home laser hair removal. No matter if you use an at-home laser hair removal equipment or go to the salon, you’ll need anywhere from five to eight sessions to allow the hair fall out naturally after each session.growth cycle. You can treat the area as little as once every two weeks.

There may be some discomfort.

You’ll probably start cursing your parents for giving you hairy genes mid-armpit zap. Just a little bit, you get the impression that someone is repeatedly pinching you with tiny, claw-like nails. Bony parts, like your shins or ankles, will ache far more than places that are more cushioned (such as your calf). This is due to the thinner skin that is located closest to the bone. (This does not imply, however, that treating hair is more challenging.)

But here’s a justification to persevere: Results are seen considerably more quickly at higher intensity settings; the Tria at-home laser hair removal device has up to five settings for power levels. Consequently, rather of requiring eight sessions to achieve hairlessness,you could be done in half that. Plus, your skin adjusts to the sensation, so after a few zaps, you’ll be used to it.

Never ever try to remove pubic hair with a laser at home.

Even though it seems simple, I had to read the instructions three times before I could come up with a justification for why I should try at-home laser hair removal on my pubic hair. However, I’m pleased I left that task to the experts rather than trying it myself at home: There, the skin is especially delicate. So, while you can aim for the bikini line, you should avoid getting into the triangle.

A few days before a laser hair removal procedure at home, you can shave.

Laser hair removal targets the hair follicle or root at the surface of the skin, therefore hair shouldn’t be too long that the laser can’t detect the root, unlike waxing or shaving, where you want hair to be grown out and long enough to pull or cut. However, waxing should be avoided for at least a month prior to at-home laser hair removal therapy since the laser needs to be able to locate the hair root in order to efficiently remove it.

Although at-home laser hair removal is effective, it is not necessarily permanent. Once you’ve achieved the results you’re after, you’ll probably require occasional touch-ups. The natural development cycle of the follicle wasn’t complete when you stopped using home laser hair removal handset on the area, or the hair was too fine for the laser to target in the first place, if you see a stray hair growing a year after treatment.

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