How to make a coffee body scrub for glowing skin

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Nothing gets your day going like a nice cup of coffee in the morning. Coffee is your best buddy and your lifeline if you’re a morning person. Coffee is one of the most adaptable substances, whether you drink it black, with milk and sugar, or as a huge iced mocha with non-fat whipped cream.

Coffee is beneficial to your skin as well as your soul, though. Because of its texture and caffeine content, it works well as a natural body scrub and exfoliant. Coffee scrubs remove dead skin cells gently but effectively, leaving you with a complexion that is luminous and shining. The fact that you can manufacture your own coffee scrub at home makes it even better. Only some will be required

quality coffee grounds and a few other kitchen supplies.

We’ll break down why coffee will become your new favorite skincare component and demonstrate how to prepare your own at-home coffee scrub for naturally soft and smooth skin:

Is coffee scrub good for your skin? 

Coffee’s texture and caffeine levels make it a fantastic natural exfoliant component. In addition to waking up your tired brain, caffeine also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. So utilizing a coffee scrub can assist to lessen the appearance of redness and even relieve any signs of inflammation for people who have acne, red spots, or even ingrown hairs.

Caffeine is a natural collagen that stimulates blood flow, helping to tighten skin and delay the signs of premature aging. In other words, using a coffee scrub to exfoliate your skin can help your skin seem radiant. Using a coffee scrub on your cellulite over time can also help to lessen its appearance.

Caffeic acid also has antibacterial qualities that can aid in keeping the skin free of harmful microorganisms.

Coffee grinds have a texture that is both fine enough to be used as an exfoliator for all skin types and coarse enough to brush away dead skin cell buildup. Additionally, coffee grounds won’t disintegrate in warm water, allowing you to utilize them during a shower.

What kind of coffee should I use to make body scrubs?

Making your own coffee scrub is wonderful since you can use any type of coffee grind to create your own exfoliant. Although dried grounds also perform nicely, freshly ground coffee is ideal. To avoid being overly harsh on the skin, the ground should only be as soft and fine as sand. Those with delicate skin types should take particular note of this.

How to make a coffee body scrub at home


  • 1/2 cup of ground coffee (the better the coffee, the finer the ground!)
  • 1/2 cup of coconut oil (melted)
    50 g of brown sugar
    Vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon (optional)
  • Combine the brown sugar and coffee grounds in a medium bowl. While a hand mixer is an option, a wooden spoon also works well.
  • Combine the vanilla extract and coconut oil in a another bowl.
    Until you have a soft mixture.
  • Combine the dry components with the liquid ingredients.
  • When using coconut oil that has recently been heated on your body, wait until the mixture has completely cooled.
    The homemade coffee scrub should be kept in a glass jar or other tightly closed container and kept in a cool, dry place.

Pro tip: Coffee scrub can be used anywhere on the body, even the face. But if you still find the mixture is too rough on your skin, you can reduce the amount of brown sugar the next time you make it. 

How to use a coffee scrub

Apply some of the coffee scrub to your body after getting out of the shower.
Allow the mixture to remain on the skin for about five minutes before gently exfoliating it.
Rinse the mixture off completely to leave the skin clean.
Apply a body moisturizer that is moisturizing as soon as you get out of the shower.

For IPL hair removal device  users: exfoliating your skin between sessions is a great way to keep your body nice and soft. We recommend exfoliating your body 12-24 hours before using your IPL device to ensure that your target area has enough time to recover.  


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