A spring clean beauty routine: switching out your winter skincare for spring!

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It’s time to adjust your spring skincare routine when the seasons change and the dry air, warmer temperatures, and higher UV exposure set in.

As spring approaches, your skincare requirements and priorities will change. We all understand how damaging the cold, dry weather is to our bodies and how it causes problems like dry, chapped skin. However, now that spring has here and summer is quickly approaching, we should concentrate on sun protection, moving to lightweight products, and long-lasting hair removal for bikini season in our new routine and practices.

Here are some spring skincare recommendations to help you adapt your cosmetic routine to the warmer weather:

1. Switch from your heavy cream to a lightweight moisturizer 

Spring Skincare Tips 2022

It’s time to move from your heavy creams to a lightweight formulation as winter draws to a close. For optimal skincare, hydration is crucial at all times.

In order to keep the skin moisturized, protected from the elements, and to seal in your skin’s natural moisture during the winter, heavy creams are a requirement. Warm temperatures, though, might make your face feel greasy and oily because they are frequently thicker and richer. Lighter lotions are typically thinner and absorb more rapidly than heavier formulas, keeping your skin nourished all day.

Choose a water-base or gel-based moisturizer when shopping for one for the spring. However, you can still use your winter cream if you’re not quite ready to do so Use it at night or on parts of your body like your hands, neck, and chest that are prone to drying out more quickly.

2. Keep using your strong SPF!

Make sure you don’t overlook one of the most important components of your routine as you’re getting ready to break out your spring attire: sunscreen.

You should always wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 no matter what time of year it is. However, it is even more important to protect yourself from UVA and UVB rays in the spring and summer when we spend more time outside and are exposed to direct sunshine, which can lead to sun damage and early wrinkles. Additionally, if you have acne scarring or redness, too much sun exposure can darken and make it more difficult to remove any symptoms of skin hyperpigmentation.

Apply roughly a 1/4 teaspoon of sunscreen to your skin after finishing your morning skincare regimen chest, neck, and face. Before using any facial makeup, let it totally dry. Make sure you’re wearing a hat and reapplying your SPF at least every two hours if you’re spending the most of your day outside in the sun.

Spring Skincare Tips 2022

3. Don’t forget about after-sun care!

You’re undoubtedly anticipating all the sun-soaked fun you’ll have as spring approaches, whether you’re planning a weekend camping vacation or a day trip to the beach. The hot sun can occasionally still burn you even if you routinely wear sunscreen. Because of this, it’s crucial to have an after-sun care routine at the ready.

An after-sun treatment aids in preventing burns and irritation from impairing the general health of your skin. If you are naturally fair and have a dry skin type, it is very vital to utilize after-sun care. Aloe vera, which contains anti-inflammatory characteristics that help relieve sunburn and restore damaged skin, is a common ingredient in after-sun care products and treatments Applying pure aloe vera to your skin is another option.

4. Get ahead with long-lasting hair removal

We are bidding farewell to our bulky coats and sweaters as the weather begins to warm up and replacing them with adorable sundresses, shorts, and swimwear. If you’re like the majority of women throughout the winter, you’ve undoubtedly opted to take a break from shaving. However, springtime calls for fewer garments and more exposed flesh. Now is a wonderful time to begin an IPL hair removal treatment if you’ve been considering getting rid of unwanted hair.

IPL hair removal is a simple and easy process that saves you from having to shave or wax on the regular.

By the time bikini season arrives, you’ll be able to wear any swimsuit you like without worrying about last-minute shaving sessions because it employs laser pulses to destroy your hair follicles.

IPL is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for long-lasting hair removal results. Around the start of spring, we often advise utilizing an IPL device to prepare for summer.

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