How You Can Use Blue Light Therapy for Acne Treatment

Nobody enjoys waking up with a new batch of pimples on their face every morning, whether they are having a breakout right before a big occasion or have dealt with acne their entire lives.

You can use blue light treatment for three minutes to lessen current outbreaks and stop new ones from occurring.

Blue light therapy is a natural method of treating acne that kills the germs responsible for the condition while also enhancing the appearance of your skin. It may sound too good to be true. Let’s discuss blue light therapy for acne and how you can use it as part of your skincare regimen.

How Does Blue Light Therapy Work and What Is It?

A specific wavelength range of blue light from an LED (light emitting diode) bulb is used in blue light therapy to cure skin. Bacteria that are present on or in the skin are targeted by blue light and eliminated. Blue light treatment therefore has several advantages for the skin, including treating and avoiding acne, lowering skin inflammation and pigmentation, and alleviating some skin disorders like psoriasis.

How Effective Is Blue Light Therapy For Acne?

Numerous investigations and clinical trials have demonstrated that blue light therapy reduces acne. Check out some of these (listed by the journal in which they were published):

In our internal, two-week clinical trial, all participants experienced advancements in three to four of the following areas:

reduced pore size
skin tone improvement skin texture improvement
overall state of the skin
No, we really do mean it. We take great pride in offering gadgets for blue light therapy that are top-of-the-line and effective. We have customer testimonials and before-and-after pictures that speak for themselves.

Before and after images of the forehead of a reVive Light Therapy acne device user showing a decrease in acne blemishes.

Why is Blue Light Therapy Effective for Acne? 

Acne develops in the skin’s pores. There is an oil gland inside each pore. Although your skin is healthy thanks to this oil gland, occasionally oil, dirt, and dead skin cells can get stuck inside your pores and block them. Your skin contains bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes), which can enter your pores and cause swelling and the development of acne-causing pimples.

Because blue light therapy pen eliminates Propionibacterium, it is a successful acne treatment. In addition to reducing oil production from the sebaceous glands and improving skin health, blue light also lessens other acne symptoms including inflammation and redness.

Traditional acne, or those red, non-pussy pimples that are typical of a breakout, responds well to blue light therapy. It can be applied to smaller areas of the face, back, or body for long-term treatment as well as for spot treatments and flare-ups. Scarring from acne can be treated with equipment that uses blue and red light treatment.

Compared to conventional acne treatments, blue light therapy has a number of benefits, including:

Blue light treatment is non-invasive, painless, mild, natural, and drug-free.
Devices for blue light therapy can be applied anywhere on the body. Blue light therapy and other acne treatments can be combined.
The use of blue light treatment prevents scarring.
Important information: To guarantee that your blue light therapy gadget is safe to use, check to see if the FDA has approved it.

What Is the Price of Blue Light Therapy for Acne?

Whether you decide to use an at-home light therapy equipment or visit a dermatological clinic, the cost of blue light therapy for acne will vary. Overall, at-home equipment is less expensive than clinic visits and makes it simpler to treat acne consistently.

Devices for treating acne using reVive Light Therapy® range in price from € 28.00 to € 585.00, depending on their size and capabilities.

How quickly does blue light therapy treat acne?

The answer to this is crucial since everyone wants their zits to instantly go away. However, the severity of your acne and how frequently you use your blue light treatment device will determine when you start to see improvements. Fortunately, blue light therapy acne treatments frequently produce effects quite fast, sometimes even after only one session. You’ll notice that acne-related skin irritation, redness, and outbreaks lessen with time.

Blue Light Therapy for Acne: How to Use It

Blue light therapy simply takes three minutes out of your day, which is another excellent benefit.

For three minutes per treatment region, you should utilize your blue light therapy acne treatment equipment. You may, if necessary, go on to the following treatment area after the three minutes have passed. If you are treating a region close to your eyes, you should avoid shining the light directly in your direction or put on goggles to safeguard your eyes.

How Frequently Should You Use Blue Light Therapy?

Your blue light therapy gadget can be used up to three times daily. So that you use your gadget at least twice daily — once in the morning and once before bed — we advise incorporating light therapy into your skincare routine. Consistent use is simple in that way!

How to Optimize Your Treatment

Make sure your face is clean before using your acne treatment gadget. Sunscreen can be found in moisturizers and cosmetics, which can diminish the efficiency of light treatment by blocking a spectrum of light wavelengths.

Utilizing your light therapy gadget consistently and keeping track of your advancement are two additional approaches to guarantee the efficacy of your treatment. Read our blog post on maximizing your light treatment device for additional advice.

Uses for Blue Light Therapy in Acne

You can use a variety of skincare products in addition to your blue light therapy treatment. Beta hydroxy acid (BHA)-containing medicines can be used to treat acne, but due to the sensitivity of their skin to BHAs, many patients opt for blue light therapy. On our site, you can find out everything about skincare items to use with light therapy.
Devices with the Best Blue Light Therapy for Acne
Medical-grade light therapy devices of the highest caliber are available from reVive Light Therapy® for treating acne. Our gadgets lessen sun damage, reduce inflammation and uneven skin tone, kill acne-causing germs, and promote healing by combining blue light and red light therapy. Our acne treatment collection includes gadgets for spot treatment as well as panels that provide wider coverage.

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