I Used LaBelle Ultrasonic Skin Spatula to Unclog My Pores—Here’s What Happened

Ultrasonic  Blackhead remover /Peeling Machine is not A Torture Device 

I can assure you from firsthand experience that the tiny device is nothing to be terrified of, despite its frightful moniker. The skin spatula is painless. The skin is simply cleaned and exfoliated using ultrasonic vibrations, preparing it to better absorb serums.

After viewing a few close-up videos of a skin spatula in use on Instagram, which are gratifying to watch if you enjoy zit-popping stuff, I decided to try the LaBelle Ultrasonic Skin Spatula from Trophy Skin despite my skepticism about the product’s purported advantages and intense curiosity.

The tool, which is not at all a spatula, has a stylish portable design, a stainless steel blade—which, I assure you, is not sharp—and a button to activate its two settings.Trophy Skin Labelle Ultrasonic Gentle Facial Skin Scrubber Spatula

Test using a LaBelle ultrasonic skin scraper

I used my usual cleanser as directed, making sure to keep my skin wet when I activated the skin scrubber mode. When turned on, the machine vibrates at 30,000 hertz, deep cleaning the skin while making a gentle buzzing noise.

I put the spatula to my skin with the blade inclined downward, smoothing it over the parts of my face that are prone to having blocked pores, such as my nose, forehead, and chin. During the course of the treatment, I took care to keep my skin moist. I saw as the blade accumulated small amounts of what can only be characterized as crud and water, which I periodically cleaned off with a dry cloth.

Intravenous Test

My face appeared a little red after the procedure, primarily due to the pressure used to attach the blade to my skin. Apart from that, it seemed smooth and unbothered. I then moved on to the infusion mode as the next stage.

Without massaging the serum into my skin, I switched to the second setting by twice tapping the handle’s button. This time, I gently massaged the serum into the skin using the flat side of the spatula. I could feel a little pulsing of ultrasonic waves as I was using it, which was supposed to assist the serum sink deeper into the skin.My skin was still a little red after I was done, but it felt incredibly clean and fresh. The redness quickly subsided, but I remained unsure about the skin spatula’s effectiveness and whether the cost would be justified.

Consulting an Expert

Dermatologist Debra Jaliman, MD, of New York City, claims that the key advantage of the skincare equipment is that it is more hygienic than using a face cleansing brush. According to her, “it won’t accumulate microorganisms the way a brush would on its bristles.” She does point out, however, that people with sensitive skin or those taking acne medications like Retin-A should avoid using skin spatulas since they might irritate and dry up already dry skin.

However, if you don’t have sensitive skin and are looking for a new way to deep clean your pores and exfoliate your skin and don’t have sensitive skin, you might want to give the ultrasonic skincare tool a try. Of course, a skin spatula is not a replacement for professional extractions in a dermatologist’s office.

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