best epilators for at-home hair removal

The less hair removal we have to perform, the better because it isn’t the most glamorous (or fun) aspect of our beauty regimens. The epilator may provide you with up to four weeks of hair-free skin, which is long enough to get you through a vacation without needing a touch-up.

When you compare the price of an epilator to the cost of razors or waxing treatments, you’ll realize that it’s not as awful as it appears. Epilators are notorious for being one of the most expensive ways to remove unwanted hair, but we’ve found some that start at just £50.

Epilation is what?

The rotating tweezers in epilators remove hair directly from the follicle, avoiding any tugging or pulling on the skin. In comparison to a typical wax, they also remove fewer hairs, giving you smoother, better results.

Since you are pulling the hair from the root, epilation is known to be painful, but the good news is that the pain usually gets better with each epilation.

Make sure to moisten the area with warm water before epilating to reduce pain. It becomes less painful as a result of helping to open pores. Alternately, pick an epilator from our list that can be used wet, allowing you to use it while taking a bath or shower and completely soaking your skin first.

Is shaving or epilation more preferable?

In the end, it comes down to personal preference, but the key distinction between the two is that while hair will almost immediately grow back after shaving, it can stay that way for up to four weeks after epilation.

However, unlike a good razor, an epilator won’t remove every hair, so if perfection is what you’re after, epilation might not be the best option. While epilating takes hair from the root, which can be slightly uncomfortable, shaving is also painless.

Do epilators really remove hair permanently?

Epilation, as opposed to other hair removal techniques, yields long-lasting benefits. If taken frequently, you could go up to four weeks without growing any hair. While it won’t permanently remove hair, it will allow you a lot more time between treatments than shaving would.

Additionally, new hair will be lighter and finer than before, so even if you wait longer than four weeks, you won’t see the hair as much.

In order to target practically all sections of the body, not only the legs, you can get epilators with heads made specifically for different parts of the body, such as arms, bikini lines, and underarms.

Is epilating long or short hair preferable?

The majority of epilators perform best on hairs that are 3 to 5 mm length. However, since epilation is less unpleasant and should prevent ingrown hairs, you might opt to begin as soon as hair is noticeable.

How can I get my skin ready for epilation?

You can prepare your skin in a variety of ways before epilating. Using a scrub to exfoliate will help prevent ingrown hairs, and taking a warm bath will help pores open. However, be careful not to get too hot, as this might cause skin irritation.

Check if the device can be submerged before you buy, as some epilators are waterproof, which can also assist to keep pain to a minimal.

how we test

22 testers tried a variety of epilators to gauge how well they removed unwanted hair.

Our panel also evaluated each product’s ease of use and the amount of hair growth that was observed after four and eight weeks of continuous use.


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