Is an IPL Handset Safe for Hair Removal?

Is an IPL Handset Safe for Hair Removal?

What is IPL Hair Removal Technology?

The need for lasers and lights for cosmetic or therapeutic skin operations has expanded tremendously over the last ten years, as has their development. 2 Over the past few years, intense pulsed light (IPL) technology has advanced quickly, promising superior and improved yet secure therapeutic effects.

A high-intensity light source that emits polychromatic light is used in IPL technology. IPL technology, in contrast to conventional laser systems, produces non-coherent light with a wide wavelength spectrum between 550 and 1,200 nm. 1
Medical and cosmetic specialists frequently employ IPL technology to perform various skin treatments for therapeutic and primarily aesthetic reasons. IPL is used for a variety of treatments, such as hair removal, photorejuvenation (for sun damage, skin pigmentation, and thread veins), and treating dermatological conditions like acne, spots, and wrinkles in the skin3,11. The bulk of today’s at-home hair removal gadgets use intense pulse light rather than laser technology (IPL).The IPL technology in hair removal devices targets melanin present in the hair and destroy the hair follicle permanently after repeated treatment cycles.9

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How does an IPL hair removal gadget typically operate?

The conventional IPL hair removal device generates mild light pulses with a wide wavelength range between the 550nm and 1200nm ranges. These pulses are delivered to the area of skin that is being treated, and the hair follicles absorb them. IPL light pulses are thought to be more absorbed by darker hair tones. The light pulses cause the hair follicle to enter a phase of rest. The targeted area of the skin is exposed to high-intensity laser pulses, which activate the process of regenerating collagen and elastic fibers. The photothermal impact improves blood vessel performance, which results in skin renewal and wrinkle reduction. 5 After the lesion material is removed by the body’s natural mechanisms, the skin appears more young.and even appearance6

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Equipment for using at home to remove hair are becoming more and more popular, and consumers can now purchase a variety of IPL devices abroad. IPL devices are among the greatest at-home hair removal tools and are very safe to use, providing they are made by a reputable and well-known company. The users must also carefully and as instructed follow the directions while using the equipment. 7
The first IPL device to receive FDA authorization in the United States was for the treatment of telangiectasias in 1995. (lower extremity). IPL devices have, nevertheless, become more common and used in numerous skin-related applications than other single-spectrum lasers due to their improved applicability and advantageous cost. Despite some early assertions that they had many negative effects and very little efficacy,innovations in the field of IPL technology have resulted in the development of more reliable, predictable, and powerful devices increasing their usefulness and effectiveness in the process of skin rejuvenation.4

In the absence of a recognized and widely accepted standard for IPL devices, a 2010 clinical investigation evaluating the safety profiles of several IPL devices in use underlined the significance of adhering to IEC TR 60825-9 standards. The survey also showed that, despite users’ concerns that IPL devices used at home put them at risk for skin and eye damage, most IPL equipment on the market are straightforward and meet the strictest safety regulations. The study further advises consumers to use a reputable hair removal device that adheres to established standards and to carefully follow the usage instructions. 10
A 2009 study established the IPL hair removal technology’s effectiveness.which evaluated the hair removal rate after a second-generation IPL technology. Results stated that patients observed 75% hair reduction after 4 months, and up to 80% after 8 months (75% reduction indicates that a re-growth of 25% occurred after the treatment).3

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Precautions when using IPL equipment:

Although IPL hair removal equipment are generally safe to use, there are several safety considerations that users should be aware of.
According to the user handbook, users should carefully examine their skin tones and avoid using IPL-based hair removal equipment on some particular skin tones.
If a user has implants in their body or has just had any kind of skin operation, they should avoid using IPL equipment.
With some continuous drugs, IPL device use may be limited. Therefore, before using the gadget, users should carefully read the instructions.The usage of the device might be strictly restricted with some terminal or chronic illnesses such as cardiac disorders, diabetes, collagen disorders, dermatological disorders, or any other bleeding disorders
The usage of the device might be restricted on certain body parts, hence the manual needs to be read properly before usage.


IPL is a highly adaptable, secure, and efficient modality that can be used in a variety of therapeutic and aesthetic operations. Numerous home-use IPL hair removal devices have substantial scientific evidence to back up their clinical efficacy and technical safety. Users can feel confident using these devices at home as long as they carefully read the user manual and adhere to the guidelines given by IPL equipment makers, who have increased their focus on safety.


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